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Why choose Smart Antifouling? Because we use Triple Band Transducers. 0,8kg weight, high presure and efficiency. In pleasure or commercial purpose from 3W  to 15W on it. In professional purpose up to 50W on it. (custom design). Our system is modular and upgradable            from 2 to 24 Transducers with one LCD control unit, depending on the length of the vessel. Full Digital Adjust and Control....

 Lab. Test with measurement. We use Hydrophon Bruel & Kjaer.

After 1 year in the water, Lagoon 450, Marina Dalmacija - Sukosan. Master Yachting charter. 4.12.2019. 6 Transducers installed. 


18.11.2018 After 6 months, together 22 months on the same boat as below.


26.05.2018 After 16 months in Adratic sea, Croatia. installed system with 4 transducers on 36ft motor boat Marco Polo Euro Yacht.



Testimonials with older version SMART18 Ultrasonic Antifouling. Florida, warm water - Plug and Play Analog

Barnacle Zapper 1

Barnacle Zapper 2

Barnacle Zapper 3

Barnacle Zapper 4

Barnacle Zapper 5


New Digital Mudular version under testing on one hull CATAMARAN LAGOON 450 with


On 2018-04-19 we install Set with 6 transducers and protect; Aft, Saildrive prop, Rudder, Amidship and Fore

Catamaran is located in Adriatic sea, Biograd NM, Croatia