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New Technology - Full Digital Adjust and Control



  • 12-24V DC battery
  • 90-240V AC main power (not required to connect)
  • One main box up to 6 transducer (min2, upgrade to 4,6)
  • LCD unit can control more main boxes (X * 6 transducers)
  • Wireless communications LCD to main box
  • Monitoring of battery voltage, average current and temperature
  • Adjustable working time / pause for each transducer
  • Adjustable power and freq. for each tranducer
  • Programmable, sleep mode
  • Temperature and Voltage protection
  • Multi language menu
  • Low power consumption and high efficiency





  • Transducers bonded directly to hull
  • Tranduscers mounted by adapters hull, rudder blade, propeller, Z drive, Jet drive , water inlets ...