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Ultrasound is mainly used in industry, medicine, for cleaning purposes… Our device works on the principle of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy through a transducer. The transducer transmits ultrasonic vibrations that resonate through the hull, ruder, propeller… of the boat and thus prevents the formation of biofilm. Ultrasonic vibrations also create cavitation effect below the water surface.

Cavitation effect destroys the cells of microorganisms and stops them from adhering to the underwater part on the hull. Microorganisms and biofilm are food for algae and seashells that adhere to the hull and underwater parts of a boat, such as rudder, propeller… Ultrasonic antifouling is environmentally friendly.

Smart Modular 2-6 allows us, to select any number of transducers that can be controlled via one control unit. Easy to upgrade the system. Up to ... X Transducers (see the technology)

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