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What does Fouling mean?

Fouling is the settlement, and sometimes the growth, of undesired materials on solid surfaces in a way that reduces the efficiency of the affected part.


Fouling may be caused by either the operating environment or by one of the equipment’s processes. It deteriorates protective coatings on the metals and reduces corrosion resistance as well as physical and mechanical properties of the material.


Fouling is a common phenomenon that occurs in a wide range of equipment and environments and can be caused by living organisms or by non-living deposits.

How to prevent it?

Ultrasound is mainly used in industry, medicine, for cleaning purposes… Our device works on the principle of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy through a transducer. The transducer transmits ultrasonic vibrations that resonate through the hull of the boat and thus prevents the formation of biofilm on the hull. Ultrasonic vibrations also create cavitation effect below the water surface.

Ultrasonic antifouling is environmentally friendly.

Suitable for motor boats and sailboats. Transducer and generator are installed on the inner side of the hull! The boat remains in the water!