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What does Fouling mean?

Fouling is the settlement, and sometimes the growth, of undesired materials on solid surfaces in a way that reduces the efficiency of the affected part.


Fouling may be caused by either the operating environment or by one of the equipment’s processes. It deteriorates protective coatings on the metals and reduces corrosion resistance as well as physical and mechanical properties of the material.


Fouling is a common phenomenon that occurs in a wide range of equipment and environments and can be caused by living organisms or by non-living deposits.

How to prevent it?

Ultrasound is mainly used in industry, medicine, for cleaning purposes… Our device works on the principle of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy through a transducer. The transducer transmits ultrasonic vibrations that resonate through the hull of the boat and thus prevents the formation of biofilm on the hull. Ultrasonic vibrations also create cavitation effect below the water surface.

Ultrasonic antifouling is environmentally friendly.

Suitable for motor boats and sailboats. Transducer and generator are installed on the inner side of the hull! The boat remains in the water!

Get rid of the unwanted passengers!

Types of Antifouling

Electrolytic system: This is one of the most popular nautical antifouling systems. It revolves round the use of anode pairs to generate ions that prevent the attachment and growth of marine bodies on the hull’s surface.

Chemical Dosing: This is another widely used nautical antifouling system that involves the use of antifouling chemicals such as ferrous chlorine.

Electro-chlorination: In this boat antifoul system, chlorine is used to produce sodium hypochlorite, a well-known antifouling chemical.

Ultrasonic: This is an electronic antifouling system that harnesses high frequency waves to inhibit marine growth on the haul and in the piping systems. The ultrasonic antifouling system is widely known as a smart antifouling system that can reduce biofouling by an average of 80% without causing any negative effects on the environment, unlike other types of antifouling.

What Makes Ultrasound Antifoul a Smart Antifouling Solution?

Biofouling is one of the oldest and most common problems that plague sea vessels. Fouling deposits are usually prohibitive to a boat's performance and counteractive to its fuel efficiency. Antifouling measures contribute directly to the performance, durability and fuel-efficiency of a boat.

Marine growth is affected by numerous factors, including the locations, the level of sunlight, the water temperature, the water's salinity and many other factors, Hence, these factors also determine the kind of antifouling solution that works best, and by extension, they determine the cost of antifouling a boat

The cleansing action of the micro jetting brings about a yacht antifouling effect that eradicates single-cell marine algae from the side of a yacht that's under water. As a result, this electronic antifouling system produces a speed boat antifouling effect that ensures your boat continues to perform non-stop with top speed, durability and good fuel efficiency.